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Understanding Your DSLR: Buttons And Dials (In-Field)

The Buttons And Dials (In-Field) is offered as the hands-on follow-up to a classroom introduction to DSLR camera function, held the day prior. This 2-hour outdoor class (held in Balboa Park in San Diego, California), is designed for beginners and beginner-intermediate photographers, looking to to become more proficient with the various camera settings. In this class we’ll practice:

• Setting the correct ISO for available light and intended aesthetic goals for images
• Practice in-camera metering and using exposure compensation
• Creating images with aperture as the defining element
• Creating images with shutter speed as the defining element
• Practice different modes, from manual to fully-automatic, and when to use them
• Experiment with white balance

This is an on-location shooting class (no in-class lectures or computer-based critiques). Participants are asked to bring their DSLRs and their DSLR manuals (the class is not designed for point and shoot cameras). Understanding Your DSLR: Buttons And Dials (Classroom), generally offered the day prior, is recommended as a pre-requisite. Class size is limited to 8 people. Fee: $80.